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September 27, 2005

More Parents Naming Children After GOP Stars

KindergartenthumbForget about Jacob, Madison and Abigail. The hottest baby names these days are Sean, Grover, Condi and Coulter--the monikers of Republican stars. But not every GOP personality is guaranteed a top spot on the baby name list. Experts say few parents are naming their children for Tucker Carlson, the beleaguered conservative commentator.

Most popular name among Hispanics: Gonzo, for Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez.

By Russell D'Arby

SILVER SPRINGS, MD—Jacob, Madison, Abigail and Ethan. These once popular names now seem as dated and out of fashion as Democratic Party talking points. The hottest trend in baby naming these days: branding your tiny Republican with the name of a GOP star. Hot monikers include Grover, Condi, Jack, even Gonzo.

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Too many Grover's to count
First grade teacher Marlene DuBarry says that she can hardly keep track of the gaggle of young Grovers in her class at Silver Spring's Fairlands Elementary School. "At first I tried identifying them by first name, last initial, but it was too confusing," says Ms. DuBarry, referring to the three six and seven year olds in her charge, all named for anti-tax maverick Grover Norquist. "Now I call them by their surnames," she says, noting that all three boys now have their full names embroidered on their Veggie Tales backpacks.Kindergarten_3

Sean, Condi and Rush
Grover Norquist isn't the only GOP star whose getting love from parents, anxious to tag their newborns with a moniker that projects family values and neoconservative charm. Down the hall from Ms. DuBarry's room, Eileen Choi's kindergarten class counts among its ranks 2 Seans, named for popular Fox News Channel personality Sean Hannity, a Condi and a Leeza, both named for Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. There's even a Rush, a walking tribute to AM radio star Rush Limbaugh in the form of a tow-headed five-year-old girl.

Abramoff_2No time for Tucker, Alan
While conservative media figures are a favorite source of new baby names—top choices for baby boys, for example, include Coulter, for pundit Ann Coulter, and Malkin, for syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin—not every GOP-leaning gabber is doing well at the name game. Recent census data reveals that few if any parents are naming their newborns Tucker these days, an indication of the waning fortunes of the bow-tied Tucker Carlson. Parents of all political persuasions are also avoiding the name Alan, tainted by an association with the "liberal" co-host of Hannity and Colmes, Alan Colmes.

Gonzo for Gonzalez

Parents need not be white to want to name their kids right. A growing number of Hispanic families are also tagging their tots with anti-liberal labels. One favorite: Gonzo, the nickname of US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.Gop_naming_2

It's a Jack
Parenting experts say that conservative names often spike in popularity once they hit the news. Silver Springs residents Marty and Constance Doerff can testify to that. They spent months debating what to name their first child, a boy, due in October, before settling on Jack, inspired by top GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff. "We kept hearing his name in the news and we just really liked the sound of it," says Mr. Doerff.

Do you plan to name a child after a GOP star? Talk back to Russell D'Arby.

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