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August 23, 2005

More Celebrities Adopting Frozen Embryos

Embryo_thumbAngelina Jolie may be hogging the celebrity spotlight these days with post-born adopted Ethiopian infant Zahara, but the real trend among celebs is smaller and easier to carry. A growing number of A-list actresses are adopting frozen embryos, portable fertilized egg cells that can be stored for later or toted in a range of stylish accessories.

Heeding Hollywood's 'mommy' craze, without the bulging waistline

By Russell D'Arby

Embryo_pendantHOLLYWOOD, CA—Lindsay Lohan has one. So does Meg Ryan. Jennifer Aniston is reportedly looking into getting one. And Brook Burns has three. What are these red hot celebrity accessories? Frozen embryos: portable fertilized egg cells that can be stored in a trendy Sub-Zero refrigeration unit or toted around town in a range of miniature carryalls.

Lohan_locketHollywood baby boom
In recent years, Hollywood has been caught up in a baby boom. America's sweetheart Julia Roberts is now the mother of twins, Gwyneth Paltrow has her very own apple, and everyone's favorite pop tart, Britney Spears, is scheduled to deliver a 'Baby Fed' this fall. And those actresses that aren't having babies of their own are importing them from other countries.

And embryo makes three
But not every starlet is ready to add an infant to her collection of Jimmy Choo shoes and Balenciaga bags. What's a girl to do? Finally there is an answer, say Hollywood insiders. A growing number of celebs are adopting pre-born babies: fertilized zygotes that are preserved in liquid nitrogen at a cool -196 degrees Celsius.

Embryo_necklaceThe coolest accessory
And while some shy celebs feel most comfortable leaving their embryos to chill in the privacy of their Hollywood homes, others are taking the cool cell clusters out on the town, tucked away in super-insulated bags, tiny pocketbooks, even lockets.

A little Nicole?
Reality star Nicole Richie has been spotted taking her "embryette" out for a spin at the uber-cool Tinsel Town night spot, Baked Potato. A source close to the actress and aspiring singer says that her decision to tote a zygote has nothing to do with politics. "She's proud of her genetic material and this is her way of saying 'watch out world. I've got something really special in her.'"

Wanted: eggs to go
While stars like Ms. Richie are brandishing their own frozen embryos, other actresses are flocking to super trendy Nightlight in search of zygotes. Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was reportedly spotted zygote shopping at Adoption_2Nightlight last week, while American Idol winner Carrie Underwood is said to have placed several calls to the location, inquiring about embryo prices and features. Fave celeb shopping destination Kitson is even said to be thinking about adding a collection of frozen embryos and matching carrying cases to its fall and winter line up.

I'd like to thank

Celebrity watchers say that frozen embryos are already shaping up to be the must have accessory at this years award shows. "Last year everyone was wearing faux fur shrugs. This year you'll see a lot of miniature purses and lockets," predicts one stylist to the stars. "They're small but they're really well insulated to keep the contents cool." 

Which celeb would you most like to see carry a frozen embryo? Talk back to Russell D'Arby.

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This 'story' comes from a site that makes up stories, in an attempt to be funny.

It's not.

What IS funny is that some people actually believe crap like this is for real! ;)

Posted by: Eva | Sep 7, 2005 4:45:33 PM

Get a clue, people. If you read the other headlines at the top of the page, you'd realize that this is a satirical piece.

Posted by: GET A CLUE!! | Sep 6, 2005 5:10:24 AM

When cooing over the preparent's newest preaddition to the family, is it proper to make comments like "Oh! Look, it has it's fathers nose!"

Posted by: abigail | Aug 30, 2005 1:26:11 PM

This is total crap. Don't believe everything that you read.

Posted by: Alicia | Aug 27, 2005 8:43:00 PM

The majority of these people aren't responsible to take care of their pets without assistance. Will they really remember to refresh the liquid nitrogen? (when I was in the lab we stored our specimens in a -70 with alarms, etc.; the portable freezers w/liquid nitrogen needed replenshing more often that you'd think and I doubt these little pendants keep things frozen too long)

Posted by: ol cranky | Aug 25, 2005 1:37:08 PM

This is sick! The conception of human life in a bottle and used as a personal accessory! Hollywood has gone of the deep end and taken the sacredness of human life with it!

Posted by: Jessica | Aug 25, 2005 9:16:21 AM

Oh, my God!! I have to have one!! Where can I get one?

Posted by: Ashlee S. | Aug 24, 2005 10:38:38 PM

A frozen embryo or zygote needs to be kept completely frozen before use. Having the zygote in a "well insulated" locket may keep it cool but probably not frozen considering the transmission of body heat to the metal. I really don't think it could ever be transplanted for practical use because of that.

Posted by: nicole | Aug 24, 2005 11:09:15 AM

Regarding citizenship of the unfortunately accidentally thawed pre-born frozen zygote - as I understand it, if either of the child's parents is an American, the child has hereditary U.S. citizenship regardless of the location of its birth and/or demise. The problem would be for the adopted zygote, whose country of origin is elsewhere, and who has not yet been born in the U.S. Perhaps Congress should consider legislation to clarify this situation.

Posted by: Mark R. | Aug 23, 2005 1:23:28 PM

If the "pre-born frozen zygote" melts in, say Kerplekistan, does that mean that the preborn does not qualify as American, and must wait in line for the Americans to get into heaven?

Posted by: B L Zebub | Aug 23, 2005 1:08:22 PM

Although there are many commendable aspects to this trend, I'd like to point out a couple of potential difficulties.

1) If the pre-born frozen zygote is from another country, what is its citizenship? It's my understanding that citizenship status in the U.S. is determined at birth - but this zygote has not yet been born.

2) Suppose there is an accidental defrosting, due to a malfunctioning of the cold-storage jewelry - might someone be liable for negligent homicide? Is there insurance coverage available for these accessories? Should it be required?

3) In the unfortunate happenstance of the above - is baptism appropriate prior to burial? Should the child's remains be treated as one treats a premature birth, or is there a significant difference? Do religious authorities of various denominations have similar policies on this?

In raising these points, I'm not taking a position against this practice - but I hope that potential mothers will be making a thoughtful choice.

Posted by: mistah charley, ph.d. | Aug 23, 2005 7:33:53 AM

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