Shady Bunch Match Game

Match the offensive act on the left to the conservative commentator / offender on the "right."

Got his start making bootleg copies of porno flicks
Accepted money from the federal government to plug Bush administration programs
Was sued in the amount of $200,000 by a male co-worker who alleged that someone in the right column fondled his groin and climbed into his bed during business trips
Underwent a secret feminization laryngoplasty
Was arrested in an undercover prostitution sting and charged with committing an unnatural and perverted sex act
Posted a nearly nude photo of himself on a gay website
Made millions preaching moral conservatism—then blew big bucks at the baccarat table
Said drug users belonged in the big house—but forgot to mention his own small problem with OxyContin, Lorcet and hydrocodone
Raved about a wild night at a Thai sex show that "blew his mind"